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We implement BI solutions that can provide multiple perspectives and visualizations utilizing a variety of analytical tools and modeling techniques.

Our data warehousing and data integration services will help you to map “Information Analysis Model” to critical data, identify and remediate data silos and enable you to assess, analyse and share meaningful analytical data from disparate sources. The team has collective experience in implementing Enterprise Data Warehouse, Operational Data Stores, and High volume data marts, near real-time solutions, complex reporting solutions that leverages best practices and standards.


We have faced hundreds of complex data challenges and we draw on this experience when helping you design the correct data model. We understand the importance of getting this right…first time!

Bringing different sets of transactions together from different source systems can pose some tricky data modelling challenges to ensure consistent results that don’t affect performance. We have developed a set of core principles that can be applied across all solutions to minimise the impact of consolidating data while maximising the results. Clients receive analytics ready data that is primed to deliver insights and drive decisions.

  Pull data from a variety of sources
  Combine technological and business information
  Implement a hybrid architecture
  fully secure the data and make sure that users only see what they are permitted to see.
  well-designed data model will allow for sub-second response times


From standardized reporting to advanced analysis, visualization in all its different forms helps understanding the past, the current and the future and is a vital element to data driven decision making processes.
Intelymind helps customers define the right approach and design, select the right tools and implement in an effective way. We are experienced in different technologies, ranging from Power BI, Qlik, MS SSRS, SSAS, and custom app development on Microsoft .Net framework.

  Design executive summary dashboards
  Get data-driven insights as they occur
  Access data on various BI platforms
  Deploy mobile BI apps on leading mobile OS
  View professionally formatted reports with responsive design
  Customize dashboards for mobile devices


We work across open-source and proprietary technologies to develop customized applications or enhance existing ones on web, desktop and mobile platforms.

Custom-made applications enable customers to automate their internal processes according to their business needs and reduce operational costs. In the current industry scenario, clients are increasingly looking for a strategic IT partner rather than an IT vendor who can not only understand their challenging IT problems, but also solve them by taking complete ownership during requirement, design, implementation, testing and go-live phases of SDLC.

  Solution architecting
  Engineering and implementation
  Performance management
  Application porting
  System integration/consolidation
  Business requirement analysis


We offer a complete range of enterprise reporting services with expertise in all leading technologies including Microsoft, Qlikview, Tableau, SAP BO and more. Reports can be ongoing (from new data sets), on demand or scheduled periodically.

  Get professionally designed custom reports
  Refine and update outdated reports
  Transform reports into dynamic decision making dashboards
  Deploy cloud-based or on premise solutions


Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce talent and accurately determine their true potential, by measuring competency and motivation. A suite of talent analytics products and services is available including:

  The 360 degree Employee feedback
  Talent Inventory (Competency Assessment)
  Employee clustering based on Performance and Potential Index (9 box model)
  Employee Satisfaction Survey and Analysis (ESAT)


Across the globe, organizations are giving enormous importance to Consumer Research and Customer Feedback. This information is the most accurate barometer that determines your level of execution of all systems, training, policies and procedures. With increased level of competition, happy and satisfied customers should become your raving fans and allowing them to be part of the process as well as improve performance with the information will result in greater market and customer share and drive more dollars to the bottom line.

Get answers to some of the very important questions that you need access to:

  How satisfied are my customers with my product?
  How satisfied are my customers with the service they receive from me?
  How likely are the customers going to purchase from me again?
  How likely are the customers going to recommend my product and service?